Specialising In
Property Entrances,  Driveways,  House Pads,  Shed Pads,  Civil Earthworks,  Subdivisions and  Riverbank Stabilisation
  • Driveway Access Construction
  • Causeway Construction
  • Constructing Gabion Structures
  • Constructing Gabion Structures
  • Hardstand Upgrade

Quarry Materials
Medium River Sand
Sub Grade Bedding Sand
Top Soil Loam - Screened
Deco Granite
Deco (Screened)
Crusher Dust
20mm Road Base 2.4 Grade
50mm Road Base 2.4 Grade
Ballast Rock 40-70mm
Mixed Rock 70-200mm
Rock Spalls 120-500mm
Concrete Premix
  • Topsoil and Sand
  • Roadbase
  • Ballast Rock 40-70mm
  • Coles Quarry

Plant Equipment & Machinery Hire
Mack CH Truck & Super Dog
Mack Trident Truck & Quad Dog
Volvo Prime Mover with Tri Axel Semi Tipper (40m bin)
Mack Trident Truck
Tri Axel Lusty Low Loader Float 12.5m deck
with 2x 20ft container pins, 1x 40ft container pin
Crane Truck 8m tray carries 7.5 tonne load
Positrac with Attachments
Sumitomo 20 Tonne Excavator
Hyundai 30 Tonne Excavator
Loaders - 3m and 4m Bucket Size
Tractor & 7ft Slasher
Rock Breaker
5000 Ltr Water Truck
  • Sumitomo 20 tonne Excavator
  • Mack CH Truck and Super Dog
  • Hyundai 30 tonne Excavator
  • Mack Trident Truck & Quad Dog
  • Volvo Prime Mover & Tri Axle Semi Tipper
  • Volvo Prime Mover & Tri Axle Semi Tipper
  • Low Loader Float